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fishing in Old Port Tampa (2.6 mi.) You can use a light knocker right, nekid ball jig, or a jig head for your tackle. Tampa Bay - Saltwater - Hooray! Every Friday morning, Captain Dylan Hubbard of Hubbard's Marina joins Good Day to fill viewers in on his fishing forecast as we head into the weekend. However, we are still seeing late season fish caught around the passes at night surprisingly. It seems as if winter has finally broken down here in the sunshine state. Tips, reviews and news about the best hiking, biking, camping, boating, swimming and fishing in Tampa Bay and across Florida. Snook action continues to heat up as summer approaches with lots of snook moving into the passes and onto the beaches. Good availability and great rates. Kevin Wissing, Capt. The gag grouper spawn is in “full swing” inside Tampa Bay and plenty of keeper fish are being caught. 2020 February Tampa Clearwater Fishing Report / Now On Instagram. | fishing in Safety Harbor (Old Tampa Bay) (11 mi.) However, simply trolling around the channel will work well to produce plenty of mackerel and some nice kingfish too. Early in the day is the best time to get them from around sunrise 'til the heat of the day starts setting in. Hogfish action is going extremely well for us right now from around 30-70 feet of water. NOT A FISHING REPORT I got a bonus hunting trip to Montana visiting my son and DIL in Billings. This time of year we are seeing some large overall sized in our long range trips with some in the 7-10lb range. We only have a few more weeks to target these fish before that time. Tampa bay Fly fishing / Inshore Report - October - October is an incredibly fun time of year because it seems as if everyone is firing on all cylinders. | fishing in Pendola Point (Hillsborough Bay) (7 mi.) However, you can find them on most any dock or bridge this time of year and that will only hold more and more true with each front. The plan was to hunt public land day 1 and on my DIL Veronica's dad's ranch the next two days. Schools of redfish that is. Do your part and make sure to have a descending device on board rigged and ready or a venting too at the ready with the proper know how on where to vent the fish. Wahoo are around right now for sure. Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing Report by Capt. Mike Goodwine. Snapper action is great this time of year offshore. Lane snapper are more and more prolific from around 60-110 feet of water and we are seeing huge lane snapper right now too. Just before sunrise on our deep water trips is the most common time to catch 'em flat lining or knocker rig fishing. Yellow tail snapper are around right now too. Tampa Fishing Reports . They will also bite an array of swim baits, jerk baits and soft plastics right now as the juveniles are feeding heavily. The latest in Tampa Bay fishing reports from Captain Steve Betz. They seem to only be getting larger and more prolific around these depths biting just about any baits from threadfin chunks to squid, to octopus to live shrimp when targeting hogfish or mangrove snapper in the deeper near shore waters. Then, once you got them beat and up away from the bottom you can finesse them the rest of the way up to the surface delicately to ensure you don’t stress the tackle that went through that war in the first few seconds of the battle. You want to use either a very light knocker rig or a free line set up with some small split shots. Smaller strong hook around 1ot or perhaps even smaller can work. Redfish action continues to be impressive throughout the area. The live shrimp or fresh dead shrimp and light tackle approach is the best way to get a shot at some hogfish. Fishing Report: Nov. 20, 2020. Tampa bay drum on a fly with Captain Rios and Captain Glen Taylor Tampa Bay drum caught while Fly Fishing with Capt. The Snapper action offshore this week, like near shore, was excited by that full moon. Mar 03, 2016 07saluki1956 0. © Copyright 2019 Anglur, LLC. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. 8/4/2020 0 Comments August is here and that means back to school. Home page for the Tampa Bay edition of the Coastal Angler Magazine. Kingfish action is spread out but still happening offshore. We see a big push of these fish in cooler months in our area and we are starting to see these guys coming up on the troll, flat lines and even knocker rigs. You sometimes will get lucky and have one swim up to the boat so have a pitch rod ready for these guys and other pelagics this time of year. Trout action is picking up and were seeing larger average sizes on the trout too! ; You may get lucky while trolling for kingfish or tuna out beyond 100 feet of water and run into one of these beautiful good eating and extremely fast fish. Every Friday morning, Captain Dylan Hubbard of Hubbard's Marina joins Good Day to fill viewers in on his fishing forecast as we head into the weekend. Read charter reviews and choose the best fishing charter. Mackerel were biting well over this past weekend with the great weather we had. Baybite.com is a community-driven fishing publication with fishing reports and editorial focusing on the fisheries of Florida's Tampa Bay area. Fall time fishing in full effect. Then. Remember, often where you catch one trout there will be quite a few more in that same area. We are seeing the occasional big kingfish on the troll or flat lines around 60-80 feet and beyond. We are seeing some of these fish mixed in with he mangrove snapper and some of them have been very large too. They are super aggressive right now near shore and make a ton of fun to fight on 60-80lb leader. Hogfish action still going okay near shore, but it has definitely slowed a bit lately as the water is clearing up and warming up too. All rights Reserved. While trolling for them during the day, we are catching them on the rapala xrap magnums and the Nomad DTX minnows. Just keep in mind, trout, redfish and our snook are still all catch-and-release only for the greater Tampa Bay area until end of May 2021. Squid fishing: Winter is a great time to jig for squid in Puget Sound. Commencement Bay Waterways (Thea, Foss, Blair, and Hylebos Waterways) - Do not eat crab, shellfish, or bottom-feeding fish Inner Commencement Bay - Limit flatfish to two servings per month Outer Commencement Bay … Red grouper bite is exceptional for the time of year, considering how it has been the last few years. However, around the bay, people are catching them just off the grass flats in the deeper water hitting the dense bait schools … You got to be ready for battle and set that hook quickly when you feel them swallow that bait. We are unfortunately closed due to the COVID-19 issues around our area, and we will remain closed through April. One of my favorite baits when fishing in Tampa bay is the z man chatter bait. Gag grouper action is really heating up this time of year and will only get better until  their season closes at the end of December. The redfish and snook nite has be amazing in Tampa bay. Fall Fishing Fall fishing is in full effect in the Tampa Bay area. Blackfin tuna time is approaching out past 80-100 feet. Tampa Bay Fishing Report – January 2020. Just as each fishing trip is a unique journey, this fishing report will also be a journey as we investigate and report the vast amount of information that makes up the Tampa Bay fishing story. We are seeing more and more of these fish from around 70-140 feet of water. MADEIRA BEACH, Fla. - Every Friday morning, Captain Dylan Hubbard of Hubbard's Marina joins Good Day to fill viewers in on his fishing forecast as we head into the weekend. It has plenty of weight, has flash and makes noise. However, for live bait, a shrimp or green back will work too free lined out to the area they are lying in wait to ambush passing bait. Nov 3 Post cold front fishing still HOT in Tampa Bay. Once you hook up you cannot reel hard enough and fast enough the first few seconds of that fight. Minimal weight is key on lighter tackle with around 15-20lb fluorocarbon. Do not waste these fish that will be keepers next year and help propagate our fishery! Big tackle, natural presentation, and patience are all key ingredients to get these smart fish to eat near shore or offshore. Puget Sound crabbing: Several marine areas are open through Dec. 31 for sport crabbing. By Capt. Gunter, who specializes in targeting snapper and grouper around Tampa Bay, says right now is the best time to get gag grouper in the shallows of Tampa Bay. It's definitely becoming a little more spread out as they start moving and retreating up into the bay. Tampa Bay drum on a fly. These guys are tons of fun to catch and fight hard on lighter tackle around the structures. Subscribe to our monthly Tampa Bay Area Fishing Report & Forecast via email! Low temps were in the … | fishing in St. Petersburg (10 mi.) Steelhead fishing: Winter steelhead returns will start building in Lower Columbia River tributaries during the month of December and continue into the new year. Sheepshead have really fired up as the temperatures cooled down. Tampa Tarpon Report is the Tampa Bay area's tarpon fishing headquarters 1855 FLA-TARPON. We are seeing tons of them around the local grass flats, mangrove shore lines and around local oyster bars enjoying that same array of bait choices. Spending hundreds of days per year on the waters of Tampa, Captain Steve has some great insight to share about this … If you want to learn more about venting, check out this article. You can find for regional reports, forecasts, and news here. Small pieces of fresh shrimp, cut clams or oysters, and especially the smaller crabs like fiddlers, mud or mangrove crabs are all great options for sheepshead bait. Exhilarating fishing on the Tampa Bay awaits you. Here is his fishing report … | fishing in Mckay Bay Entrance (7 mi.) We are seeing plenty of these fish on our 5 and 10-hour trips targeting these areas. Fishing … They are really starting to get more and more aggressive and prolific around the local structures. Baybite.com is a community-driven fishing publication with fishing reports and editorial focusing on the fisheries of Florida's Tampa Bay area. This blow slowed things down, but once the water starts clearing up a bit we should see another great push of these fish over the weekend. Furthermore, our fishery thrives when … Here is his fishing report for Dec. 4, 2020. We start to see mangroves around 50-80 feet, but we are seeing some big girls beyond 100 feet of water right now. The current on the full moon created some issues when we were in the Deepwater trying to catch our amberjacks Wednesday, but luckily with an adjustment into shallower waters we were able to continue red grouper hunting with great success. These fish will bite right on or adjacent to big structures like docks, bridges, piers, jetties, seawalls, rock piles, and also around oyster bars. With a warm winter in 2019 an 2020 fishing in Tampabay is still good . I smell spring in the air everyday as I venture out early in the morning. These guys are biting well near shore from around 20-60 feet of water if you can find those ledges or rock piles they are hiding on. I like to use around a 4000-5000 series spinning reel with around 20-30lb braided line in the spool with about a 15-25 feet piece of that 20-30lb floro for a super long leader before my knocker or jig. These guys love those ambush points around the edges and potholes of local grass flats. They love the fishing piers, jetties and mouths of local passes. These smart fish are tons of fun to target on threadfin plugs with the double snell rig. ... Several Tampa Bay Fishing Charters were run to near shore hard bottom and reefs in the hopes of … However, around the bay, people are catching them just off the grass flats in the deeper water hitting the dense bait schools located around the area right now. From the Skyway all the way out of the shipping channel is a great spot to start looking for the bait schools. They will also take live baits just like the gag grouper. What a beautiful week for fishing… This is a great approach used by many when targeting these great eating but super leader shy smart fish. The fish were hungry and waiting for us to return at the start of the week. They can be difficult to fillet, but are great eating fish. The nighttime fishing around 1-2 days ahead of the full moon is my favorite followed by a few days behind the moon. Hogfish are still biting near shore around 30-70ft of water. However, we are seeing them around the bridge lights and dock lights at night too. Later this past week we faced rough weather Thursday due to the front and the Tuesday all day had a little slower bite than we would have liked but we still caught some great fish. The red grouper love big dead baits like whole threadfin or strips of bonita, whole squid or octopus tentacles. They have definitely slowed a bit from the cooler moths, but there’s still a decent chance of finding a few ready to eat near shore. | fishing … Ryan Harrington, … ... reports Clint Walker at the Fishing Center of St. Lucie (772 … After a long, hot summer, most Floridians welcome November climate changes. Trout love lighter tackle and those slow moving soft plastics. The kingfish bite has turned on for Tampa Bay area anglers. ©2020 FOX Television Stations, 11,682 new Florida coronavirus cases reported Saturday; 72 new deaths, TPD: 1 dead, 1 injured after SUV crashes into Tampa home, 'NorCal rapist' sentenced to 897 years in prison for rape of nine women, Army general apologizes for "miscommunication" over COVID-19 vaccine shipments, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gets COVID-19 vaccine, 'It almost felt like being at Disney:' Sarasota mall reimagines holiday light shows, Florida’s new python-sniffing dogs have first success tracking down invasive species, Former Israeli space chief says US in contact with ‘galactic federation’ of aliens and Trump knows, Beachgoer finds 71 pounds of cocaine that washed ashore on Florida beach, 70-year-old crocodile spotted in Punta Gorda backyard. You want around 20-30lb floro for the leader and around 3-4ot hooks. Recreational fishing seasons and regulations in Washington's waters for bottomfish and halibut, including weekly updates. Tampa Bay Fishing Reports. Kingfish action has been great near shore lately and there is plenty of mackerel around too mixed in among the kings. | fishing in Davis Island (Hillsborough Bay) (5 mi.) Here is his fishing report for Dec. 4, 2020. Great savings on Tampa Bay, Florida fishing charters online. They love those big dead baits or those large frisky live baits. 2001-01-19 12:00 AM. From the Skyway out to the shipping channel many are catching them either trolling or dropping live baits down. 2020 February Tampa Clearwater Fishing Report / Now On Instagram 2020 January Tampa Bay / Clearwater Fishing Report 2019 December Tampa / Clearwater Fishing Report They are ton of fun to fight and really will scream drag like no other fish. The chatter bait works well when targeting big schools of Reds. Good reports are coming in from Clearwater south to Anna Maria. Further offshore, we are seeing some big ones come up from around 100-160 feet of water. Enjoy the natural beauty and year-round sunshine on the coast of Ruskin, Florida with Fishin Magician Inshore Charters and Captain Eric Topole. Baybite.com is a community-driven fishing publication with fishing reports and editorial focusing on the fisheries of Florida's Tampa Bay area. Fishin … It is so imperative we all work together to ensure our offshore species are brought up quickly, unhooked quickly with a good set of dehookers, then vented or descended if necessary to live another day. Now that were past the full moon were starting to see some good day time snapper action, plus this week’s overcast conditions definitely help the daytime snapper bite. The amount of bait off the beaches, on the flats, and … Willapa Bay (Marine Area 2.1) Recreational Salmon Reports Recreational catch information collected inseason from anglers throughout the season from access sites within Willapa Bay. October 30, 2020 Hubbard's Marina Fishing Reports by Hubbard's Marina Hubbard’s Marina Fishing Report 10-30-20 Lots of interesting weather right now and through the weekend with a weak front … Snook action is going well around the area. Get up to date tarpon fishing reports… | fishing in Ballast Point (4 mi.) Snook. North winds bring cooler weather and incredible fishing in Tampa Bay. Mangrove snapper fishing right now has been stellar offshore and pretty good near shore too. They love the fishing piers, jetties and mouths of local passes. It’s an exciting time to be inshore on Tampa Bay hunting fish … 536. They love crustaceans so you can use fiddler crabs, rock shrimp, sandfleas, and even other small crabs to target them but the live shrimp or fresh dead shrimp is the most common choice when targeting hogfish. This past weekend a large cold front swept through the Tampa Bay area and dramatically altered our weather patterns. Triggerfish are getting ready to close for harvest starting May 2nd making end of day May first the last time to land them for 2020, unless the season gets extended due to lack of quota being landed. Brian Lemelin, Optimus Fishing Charters. December Fishing Report. If you toss back your first fish of the day and it floats away unable to return to bottom then the remainder of that day you MUST be venting or descending your fish or you are the problem with our fishery and its sustainability. We are seeing them through the day and night around the local passes hanging towards the bottom eating everything from cut bait to live shrimp to slow moving soft plastics. This checks off all the boxes when looking for a bait to fish schools of Redfish in Tampa Bay. We value your privacy and will NEVER share or sell your personal data to any third party. Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Envelope Subscribe to our monthly Tampa Bay Area Fishing Report … Tentatively planning and hoping to Open up Friday May 1st but time will tell. Snook this time of year on the Tampa Bay … Tampa Bay Fishing Charter with Capt Joe - Slobby Joe Fishing Charters Antonio C. fished with Slobby Joe Charters – Tampa on March 10, 2019 Tampa Bay Florida has one of the most beautiful pristine and preserved Fisheries any fishing … that is only a small part of the battle the ‘reel’ struggle begins once they bite. “They’re aggressive, and big … This past week brought some great action inshore especially at the start of the week before the full moon and front that moved by yesterday. They will take a threadfin plug or live shrimp like the mangrove snapper but we target them specifically with small strips of squid around a ½ inch thick and about 2 inches long. By. Glen Taylor, Capt. These fish are never more easily targeted than this time of year. These guys will hang around sporadically in the area, especially deeper where we get warmer surface currents from time to time. Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Envelope Subscribe to our monthly Tampa Bay Area Fishing Report … Staff Report - December 8, 2020. Squid fishing … From Ft Desoto across to Cockroach bay … Glen Taylor on the Spanishsardine.com Caught and released a 50lb Black Drum aboard the spanish sardine fishing … However, we still have some great fishing report information from our area to share with you guys! Offshore fishing reports coming to us from Capt. Many of them we are seeing are in the 18-24 inch range which means we should see an incredible fishery for them in the coming years if we can ensure all those undersized fish coming up are being handled properly and released alive. However, near shore many prefer to target them on a knocker rig or jig head with live shrimp or greenbacks. Starting off with bait .Bait to me is the difference between a good day and a ok day live bait in Tampa bay … TTR provides tarpon fishing reports, facts, tips, hot-spots ,tarpon fishing charters and tarpon tournament news to Tampa Bay, St Petersburg and Boca Grande tarpon anglers. If you can find a bridge around the mangroves with some oyster bars adjacent, you have hit the sheepshead honey hole. Many are retreating further up in the bay giving way to more trout and redfish in the passes. The grass flats of the back bay waters are really holding more active numbers of snook feeding well on live shrimp or greenbacks tossed out on free lines over the flats and even under corks too!

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