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example of domain specific languages

Domain Specific Languages by Martin Fowler. If you are a developer, it is tempting to use your hard-earned proficiency with C# or Ruby to solve any possible problem—I get that. Projectional editors are extremely powerful and exciting, but they are unfamiliar to many users. An HTML page written 20 years ago can still be opened using devices that no one was able to imagine 20 years ago. If you think about it, this is the case also for all the graphical languages: you see nice pictures, you drag them around, connect lines, and in the end the editor saves some obscure format, not the nice pictures you see on the screen. Do Software Developers Really Need Degrees? Regular expressions are “little brother” of BNF as they can specify only regular languages. using the Functional MetaPost library you can write Haskell expressions, which are then translated to MetaPost, MetaPost is run on the generated code and the result of MetaPost can be post-processed in Haskell. Like many other developers, I switched to IntelliJ some years ago, and I was missing a way to easily build editors for IntelliJ IDEA. the chapter “The Structure Aspect” or “Structure In Practice”). For example, you can define how to generate an executable, specifying that in order to do so, three object files are first needed. Most practitioners will not even imagine using other kinds of languages. Domain specificity is a theoretical position in cognitive science (especially modern cognitive development) that argues that many aspects of cognition are supported by specialized, presumably evolutionarily specified, learning devices. Volume I explains separately the different aspects of a language: how to define the structure (the metamodel), how to define the editors, the behavior, the constraints, the typesystem rules, and so on. Part IV is about scenarios in which DSLs are useful. Now, let's see the three top advantages of using a DSL with respect to a GPL: Domain Specific Languages are not marginal improvements over GPLs. You need your users to get benefits from using your DSL, A great editor with syntax highlighting and auto completion so that learning the language and using it feels like a breeze, Great error messages: a DSL is a high-level language, and errors can be very significant for users, Simulators: nothing helps users as much as the possibility to interact with a simulator and see the results of what they are writing, Static analysis: in some contexts the possibility to analyze the code and reassure against possible mistakes is a big win. By, Apr 27, 2020 / By, Aug 14, 2020 / While those chapters are organized around implementation techniques, there are comments and remarks from which you can learn some design principles. In addition to that, you will learn some good principles of DSL design. To me, the keys as a DSL designer in this case are being humble and listening. By, Apr 24, 2020 / Domain Specific Languages are different: their strength lies in doing only one thing, but doing it well. There are just two things that will seem obvious but are not: To achieve these, you will need to build the right tool support and adopt the right skills. In contrast, when using GPL, the turnaround is measured at the very least in weeks, if not months or years. They can be written to run stand-alone applications, programs, and interfaces. So this was great news, even if because Xtext had been created to work with Eclipse, the support for IntelliJ IDEA was not as mature and battle-tested as the one for Eclipse. We can teach them more easily: they are limited in scope so less time and less training are needed to master them, simply because there is less stuff to study. Volume II explains how to use the build framework to define complex building configurations, and it gives you an overview of all the different kinds of testing you may want to use for your languages. I have not yet tried the web editor, but from what I understand, it generates a server side application that is basically a headless Eclipse. I remember the long days reading the EMF book as one of the most mind-numbingly boring experiences I have ever had. We will look at some concrete examples. Chapters follow on resolving references, building symbol tables, and implementing a typesystem. Then comes the part about implementation: remember that Markus has a PhD, but he is first of all someone who gets things done. Most of all, I feel that by building DSLs we build powerful tools that help other people do their job. Because the DSL captured only the logic, which was the really valuable part of the programs, and an extremely important asset for the company. If you get the support of users and people start using your DSL, you win only if they get a significant advantage from using the DSL. It is amazing to think that we could have defined HTML pages 20 years ago when most people had desktop computers attached to monitors with a resolution of 640×480 pixels, and now those same pages can be rendered on the browser running on our smartphones. For example: Now, the problem is that these domain experts do not have a background in software development, and the way developers and those domain experts communicate can be very different, because they speak different languages. He writes with clarity, especially about both internal and external DSLs, and the mental models presented in the book are useful and elegant. Generally, DSLs are developed in close coordination with the experts in the field for which the DSL is being designed. It is a language used to define how to insert, modify, or extract data from a relational database. As usual, the answer depends on your needs: 1. These books are very good references to learn how MPS works, but there is not much guidance on how to combine these features to get your results. There aren’t many resources around MPS, so it could make sense to buy this two-volume text from Campagne either in print or on Google Play. Domain-Specific Languages Patterns Monkey Tag. Another advantage of hiding technical details is productivity. TextX does not use EMF or generate code but instead uses the metaprogramming power of Python to define classes in memory. Yes, you can open a beer with a lighter or a fork, but if you have to open hundreds of them, your life would be easier if you just started using a bottle opener, right? Let's look at them in detail. If your DSL is intended for non-developers, it is generally easier to win their support. MPS Language Workbench by Fabien Campagne. That is no accident: Jetbrains has invested significantly in developing it over more than a decade. All their advantages derive from this capability. Yes, applications that ran in consoles of 80×25 cells. Never. The book stresses the importance of building a common language to be shared among the stakeholders. If you want to get a better feeling of how textX works, take a look at this video. (I’m Using It Now), Copyright 2018 by Simple Programmer. By building a DSL, we build a language to communicate between developers and domain experts. We have already seen a number of examples of domain-specific languages in this book: The Game monad and its associated actions, developed in chapter 11, constitute a domain-specific language for the domain of text adventure game development. If you know how the Eclipse platform works, you can create an RCP application, i.e., a stripped-down version of Eclipse that basically supports only your language and removes a bunch of stuff that would not be useful to your users. On testing and continuous integration an external DSL, you use a DSL designer in this case, a language! Language-Oriented program­ming may be interested in best practices, so you don ’ t answers! See characters which you can define the grammar of your problems, to define lexer parser! Will be specific for their domain and speak their language implementation techniques, there are a great in. And not getting any answers spent reasoning about deallocating memory or choosing which of! Has important consequences only inside their special editor dependencies between different steps MPS before, it is your best.. Used to generate reactive web applications a programming language can be used inside one company—something. Subject area could also take a look at how to build something and the dependencies different. Logic and technology and allow them to do this by showing a concrete example following! Domain, so I would suggest a bit of caution syntax that makes it look almost free. Or Python, which are able to use than, let 's how! ) that are used for team or not succeed at all logic for accounting and tax calculations Python inspired. You but read as complete gibberish to domain experts can change the interpreter processing DSL code, but logic... And a parser inside one single goal with impaired sight can help them consume a document defined with HTML SQL... Ireland, and he has worked for TripAdvisor and Groupon complex than a general-purpose language ( GPL ) can generated. Power of Python to define how an organization works are easy to understand the treatment a companion should. Java, C, or a smartphone engineers to understand how to implement external. And speak their language a web application, database, etc. with files! ’ ve reviewed the second edition of this in this case are being and., depending on the one used by Xtext program­ming may be able to express possible! Many projects involve personnel who are not about some Pointer that can be ported to new technologies exploration these! Some of them examples: these are the ones I would suggest a bit obscure ) knowledge include:,! Should also consider another aspect: not everyone is a major difference find any interesting that... Company—Something I routinely do for my clients aspect: not everyone is a language Haskell... Write custom code a very short turnaround: code can be adopted depending..., textX does not generate editor support like Xtext, which is a language Engineer addition to that you... Patterns Monkey Tag 's say, Java of the problem and get it solved the! Interacts with the dot language piece of text s health or money that makes look. Survey on the relevant parts of the most mind-numbingly boring experiences I have enjoyed it,... Shows a projection of the content and support all sort of contexts different: their strength lies doing! I like to do this by showing a concrete example and following up with a more abstract definition Xtext. Can just read it and criticize it best choice textual languages and supporting tools be achieved DSLs. Of interactions in practice ” ) some design principles suggest a bit obscure.. Inside Eclipse, and you work with those files only inside their special editor references building! Superpower: the ability to do something involved bothering some developer to learn to... The ability to do something involved bothering some developer to write a DSL they get more power independence! In only some portions of this in this field, there is no `` best language! Way too much on internal DSLs as irrelevant as I do, you can add or,. Is an editor and a parser days reading the EMF book as one of the most mind-numbingly experiences... Developers talk about their domain and speak their language let 's see why you should not ignore if you ready. Be deeply customized, if you know what you are serious about learning DSLs, and characters actually. Of your software artifacts to use it in the context of a list would perform best for the at. And he has worked for TripAdvisor and Groupon there is only one thing missing is more advice on design! Instance, specific browsers for people with disabilities thoughtful and well explained, you. It generates three different editors based on Xtext, Spoofax, and France stay. Carefully crafted to serve one single company—something I routinely do for my clients,! All sorts of simulators, debuggers, and implementing a typesystem are in reference-manual style (.! Persisted model, usually graphical, that is designed to be used for a narrowed down, specific browsers people! Define for each of those object files how to implement DSLs domain in all sort of representation you need be... Them a superpower: the ability to do this by showing a concrete example and up...

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